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Seeing that Dumb had calmed down, the Rock said, "If you want to find the whereabouts of other elves, our identities must not be easily exposed. Dumb, you don't have to wear magician's robes in the future. We all change into ordinary civilian clothes to cover our identities and try to find some remote paths to move forward." The elf girl walked up to the three of them and said timidly, "Thank you for your help. I don't know what to call you yet." Yan Li laughed and said, "My name is Yan Li. This is my eldest brother, Yan. The magician who summoned the dragon is our brother, Dumb. You can call us by our names in the future.". The purpose of our coming to the Sunset Empire is to rescue all your people, entrusted to us by the Elf Queen. At that moment, the process of how the three people accepted the entrustment of the Elf Queen in the Elf City was described. After listening to Yanli's narration, the elf girl's eyes were filled with gratitude, and tears of excitement flowed down. Suddenly, she fell to her knees with a splash and choked up: "Thank you, thank you for helping our elves. If you hadn't saved me, I'm afraid I would have become the plaything of those humans now." Yan Li quickly helped the elf girl up. The rock walked up to her and said softly, "Sister elf, don't cry. Now you are completely free. When we rescue all your captured people,CNC machining parts, we will send you back to the city of elves.". All right? Now, you're going to tell us how many of your people have been captured and where they're probably going to be. The elf girl suddenly smiled through tears. Her bright smile was as touching as a blooming flower. She said, "Who do you call elf sister? She is 141 years old this year." Only then did the rock remember the age ratio of the elves, and he could not help being tongue-tied and unable to speak. Yan Li laughed and said, "Then we should call you Elf Sister." The elf girl smiled and said, "Actually,Investment casting parts, in proportion, I am about twenty years old like you humans." Sitting on the ground, Dumb said lightly, "Elf sister, do you know where your other captured clansmen are?" The elf girl's face darkened. She shook her head and said, "I don't know.". My name is Zhuo Yun. When I was in the Elf Forest, one of my sisters and I were captured by a group of men in black. They gave us a kind of food, which made our minds always in a turbid state. When I woke up, I found that there were sixteen elves captured by them, including our little princess. The men in black were very cold and never said a word to us. We were imprisoned in several carriages all the time, and after I don't know how long, they took us out of the carriage and locked us in a dungeon. We were completely forbidden, and we didn't even have the strength to commit suicide. Later, metal stamping parts ,Stainless steel foundry, my people were taken away one by one. I and another sister and a brother were taken to the Dark House nightclub. Not long ago, they were taken away by the people of the nightclub, and I was the only one left. I don't know where they are. You, you must save my people! Captured by those terrible humans, they must have suffered terribly. Zhuo Yun's big eyes turned red, and the transparent wings behind him flapped gently, showing a sad look on his face. The Rock said thoughtfully, "If you say so, then our judgment is very correct. The elves must have been sold to all parts of the Sunset Empire.". It seems that we can only look for it everywhere. Dumb suddenly thought of a question. He took out the green bracelet of the elves from the dragon's blood and said, "Sister Zhuoyun, if you are always around us, how can the bracelet of the elves feel the breath of your other people?" "That's easy," said Zhuo Yun. "As long as the Elf Bracelet absorbs a drop of my blood, it won't feel my breath any more. You can use it to probe the rest of the people. With these words, she went to Dumb's side, gently bit a small wound on her index finger, and dropped a drop of her own blood on the bracelet of the elves. Sure enough, as she said, the light of the fairy bracelet gradually faded, and gradually returned to a dark green without any luster.
"Let's have a rest here first," said the rock. "When Dumb's body is adjusted, we'll find a place to change our costumes and then go to the next city to find the whereabouts of the elves." Dumb nodded, stopped talking, closed his eyes and began to meditate. He practiced for a day and a night before he adjusted his body to its peak state. Dumb found that the silver golden body in his Dantian seemed to absorb some of the energy from the second golden body passed to him by Tiangang Kensei, and his power increased slightly. Two days later, they found a remote village and bought several sets of ordinary civilian costumes from the local people. In order to cover Zhuo Yun's elf features, they also bought a hat for her and covered her transparent wings with a cloak. No one could tell her identity from her appearance. In this way, a group of four people continue to embark on their way to save the elves. At this time, the name of death has been spread in the sunset empire. Killer Union. What? Death? Where did death come from? The Lord asked with some shock. The vice president of the killers' union said respectfully, "According to the news from the thieves' union.". Something big happened in the Dark City. Not only was the largest casino there destroyed, but even the castellan mansion was bloodied. No one could escape. On the night before, there was a golden light in the dark city, and one percent of the city disappeared completely. The scene was very strange. The Lord was lost in thought for a long time before he said, "Do you know how those people in the castellan mansion died?" Small. Say .t.xt. God . Don Chapter 70 trial director. The vice president shook his head and said, "I don't know yet. What happened in the Dark City shocked the whole high level of the Sunset Empire. The Emperor of the Empire personally ordered to send a trusted minister to deal with the matter there. All the news was blocked.". The thieves' union only got the news, and the specific things were not clear. I guess we'll just have to wait for news. "It's been such a long time," the Lord asked. "Have you found the heir of the keeper?" Embarrassed, the vice president said, "Our own people, plus the thieves' union,alloy die casting, are all looking for it, but the boy seems to have disappeared into the air, and there is no news at all." 。 autoparts-dx.com

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