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"Dao Huang is the guide for the Lord of Yunzhongcheng to become a special envoy, and also the real backer of Yunzhongcheng!" Cameron paused and then said, "According to the latest news from our alliance, the captain of the Cloud Team, who was chasing the Lord of Cloud City, has been forced back by the Emperor of Swords and several other arbitrators.". Whether you are looking for revenge from the Lord of Yunzhongcheng or exploring the Tower of Babel in the plane of order, you are likely to meet a powerful sword emperor, so you'd better be ready in advance! Cameron said as he looked at the quiet Yang Ling, his eyes full of expectations. Vagrant alliance needs is the top peerless strong, test whether Yang Ling is worth the alliance to help, hunting the order plane of the sword emperor is a good choice. Volume II Infighting Chapter 691 Followers of Gods and Demons Warlords? Look at the eyes of the Lord of Star City, Yang Ling quickly understood the meaning of the other side. There is no free pie in the sky, slashing the main gods of Aquilon and Justin, so that he has the qualifications to cooperate with the Rangers Alliance; but it is far from enough to get the support of the alliance composed of all the top Rangers! Kill an arbiter to qualify as an equal partner with the Alliance! "Lord Cameron, it's no problem to slay the so-called arbiter of the Emperor of Swords, but I need to explore a few towers of Babel before I can be more sure!" Yang Ling came straight to the point and was ready to win the maximum support of the alliance. If you want to gain the trust and support of the alliance, you must show enough strength, and you must slay an arbiter. At the same time, if you want to explore the Tower of Babel and Bloodbath Cloud City on the Order Plane, you must first kill the arbiter who stays on the Order Plane all the year round. In this way, it is imperative to slay the arbiter Dao Huang! However, the Lord of Yunzhongcheng is already so powerful, not to mention the Emperor of Swords, the arbiter who led him to become a quasi-dominant envoy. After practicing Tongtian Wu Jue and advancing to the primary sorcery God,10g Ozone Generator, Yang Ling is confident to cut off the dog head of the Lord of Yunzhong City, but he is not sure to slay the unfathomable arbiter Dao Huang for the time being. What is more difficult is that if there are other arbitrators present, there may be no return, or even total annihilation! Twelve ancestral witches, if you revive a few more ancestral witches before attacking the sword emperor, the situation will be different! Zu Wu Hou Tu's fighting power is obvious to all, even if only three layers of strength are restored, it is easy to kill the main God of Aguilon and the ordinary plane wanderer. What's more, it can be gradually restored by swallowing the enemy's energy essence. For a while, even if the remaining eleven ancestral witches could not be resurrected, as long as one more was restored, Yang Ling would have greater confidence. Brother Yang Ling, ceramic bobbin heater ,Ceramic Bobbin, don't worry, intelligence is on us! As long as you can slay the arbiter of the plane of order in ten years, I am sure to persuade the other eight elders to support your future actions and help you find your lost people! See Yang Ling did not refuse. Cameron, Lord of Star City, is overjoyed. In terms of size, the plane of order is far less than the vast plane of chaos, but there are many resources, and there are countless high-quality crystal mines. Unfortunately, with the support of the arbiter Dao Huang, most of them are occupied by the tyrannical Yunzhongcheng. For millions of years. In order to weaken the power of the master, but also in order to obtain more high-quality crystals, the alliance has attacked the sword emperor several times, but none of them succeeded, but lost a lot of strong people. If Yang Ling can slay the arbiter Dao Huang, it will not only help the alliance get rid of a major threat, but also prove that he really has the strength of the ancient wizard. The cooperation between the two sides will bring endless benefits to the alliance! 'Good. Then I'll just stay in the back hill of the Star Castle. The matter of intelligence. I'll trouble Lord Cameron! Yang Ling hesitated for a moment. After a pause, he went on to say, "Besides.". I have three friends who are elders of the Dark Society. He was sent by the Dark Lord to the land of Tyranus. Disappeared while chasing the mother emperor in the Shenmue Tomb. I wonder if your excellency can help find the whereabouts of the three of them? All the time. Yang Ling never forgot the big three of Diablo who helped him greatly in those years. I can't forget the generosity of the dark cavalry commander and the vigorous support of the dark elder. Before. Due to message closure. Looking for a needle in a haystack, I don't know how to find their traces. Now.
Naturally, they will not miss the opportunity when they meet the powerful Rangers Alliance. Whispered a few words in the ear of the blood angel Ophelia. The latter moved quickly. Soon, the portrait of the three giants of the dark was drawn. Lifelike. Subordinates of the Dark King? Cameron, Lord of Star City, takes a closer look at the vivid portraits of the Dark Three. An imperceptible smile appeared on his face. In the eyes of others. The Dark Lord is the most powerful man on the plane of death. His subordinates are strong. Powerful. Never give in to anyone. Except for a limited number of people. I'm afraid no one can imagine the dark king who commands the wind and rain in the plane of death. The Six Elders of the Vagabond Alliance! "Brother Yang Ling.". Don't worry. I'll help you deal with these things! After a faint smile. Cameron, Lord of Star City, put the portrait away. Clapping his hands, he summoned a man in black who looked like a housekeeper. After ordering a few words, he said goodbye to Yang Ling. Then he strode away. Use the power of the alliance to help Yang Ling collect intelligence from all sides. This period of time, we all seize the time to practice, and strive for a greater breakthrough as soon as possible! After ordering a few words, Yang Ling moved directly to the top of the mountain with few people. After laying a heavy ban, he took out the Great Witch Platform. Practice on the top of the misty mountain and wait for the good news of Cameron, the Lord of Star City. Revenge. Ten years is not too late! In order to cut off the dog's head of the Lord of Yunzhongcheng, in order to wash Yunzhongcheng in blood, let alone wait a few more days, even if it is ten years to endure. The strength of the city in the cloud is huge, behind the more powerful and unfathomable arbiter Dao Huang, it is very unwise to act rashly, if you are not careful, you may be wiped out! Either do not move,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, or go all out, block the enemy's way to escape, do not give the enemy any chance to fight back! Is there any other way to quickly improve your strength besides exploring the Tower of Babel in all planes and reviving the remaining ancestral witches. global-ceramics.com

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