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Ning Wan knew early that Mrs. Bi was a knowledgeable person, and that Mrs. Lin was honest, so she was really relieved. "As long as my mother-in-law is good, I won't lose you any more," she said with a smile. Then he took out a handful of silver from Anpingwei, and everyone rewarded him. From the command of the house to turn around, quite get some small money, since then, whether it is to give the younger generation of New Year's money or the reward money will be from here, but the money she had previously prepared are saved. It was the ingot of gold that Ironstone had given her, and she used it as capital, and was very generous in her hand. These little things are not easy to say to others, but Ning Wan's heart is very happy, with these silver spent more happily, after all, it is in vain! The young couple returned to Hutai County on the sixth day of the first lunar month. During the day, they were busy with their own things, but at noon and in the evening, they had to get together and talk about their own things,ceramic igniter electrodes, which was more interesting. Because they were all busy, they went back to the old house during the day of the Lantern Festival. My mother-in-law refused to come to see the lanterns. Finally, only two of them strolled around the county town at night, and their tender feelings went without saying. Commander Lu Tongzhi came to Hutai County as expected, and he came on the sixteenth day of the first lunar month. Because he was on business, he stayed at the post station, but the accompanying young master Lu and his wife lived in the Zhao family. Mrs. Chao only saw her daughter a few days ago, and now that she has learned that her daughter can go home to live for several days,Ceramic Band Heater, how can she not be happy? He arranged a banquet and invited the leading figures in Hutai County to welcome the in-laws. Deputy Lu Qianhu and his wife are naturally one of the leading figures! Since returning to Hutai County, Ning Wan has been invited to visit the county government office, the Xu family, the Zhu family and other places. She has appeared many times among the upper ladies in Hutai County and has become familiar with everyone again. This time, she went to the Zhao family and wore a new dress. When her mother made her dowry clothes, she did a lot of them. She hasn't worn them yet. She picked up two new pieces of jewelry to wear-there was no need to show off her wealth now, just to choose something beautiful according to her age. She was the youngest of these ladies, and of course she had to dress up. When I arrived at the Zhao family, I met Mrs. Lu Shao. The eldest sister-in-law in Ning Wan's dream was still a smooth person, and she knew that her mother had placed hopes on her cousin, the second younger brother and sister. Naturally, she would get along well with her. Smiling, she took Ning Wan's hand and praised her: "I haven't met yet. I heard my mother praise you all the time. At that time, 7g Ozone Generator ,ceramic welding tape, I still didn't believe it. I just felt that I was not bad." Why shouldn't a mother feel better than her own daughter? She doesn't want Mrs. Lu to be as beautiful as the azaleas on the hillside. In the past, Ning Wan was often praised by this sister-in-law, and she often sent her many delicate things, because she was sincerely grateful for her kindness to her silly brother. Now that her status has changed, she is also very kind. She said with a smile, "Mrs. Lu compares me with that azalea, but I don't know what to compare with Mrs. Lu!"! "Who doesn't know that Mrs. Lu is the most beautiful woman in our Hutai County, and that she once dressed up as a fairy when the City God was on parade?" When everyone heard this, they all recalled the situation at that time. "Yes, Mrs. Lu's appearance was popular with many people at that time, and no one has been able to match it since then!" After Mrs. Lu, there was one who played the role of a fairy. That was Miss Ding San, who was also present now. It could be seen that the person who said this did not take Ding San seriously at all. But she did not want to offend Ning Wan. She said with a smile, "If Mrs. Lu played the role of a fairy once, maybe she could compare with Mrs. Lu!" But it was not easy to play the role of a fairy. It was impossible for Ning Wan to compete with her family at that time. Mrs. Lu laughed. "That's just a false reputation. Mrs. Lu doesn't like that." Chapter Table of Contents 209. Maturity Mrs. Chao's reception banquet for the in-laws was naturally good, and Ning Wan was talking and laughing with everyone and watching the play. Http://wWw. Qiushu. CC/ But she was always thinking about "making friends" with Mrs. Feng. He had many contacts with upper-class families in Hutai County, and today he met with the young grandmother of the Feng family. In any case, he wanted to find an opportunity to talk.
After all, in her dream, Mrs. Feng had half a teacher's friendship with her, and was also her best friend in Hutai County. A few days ago, she heard that she was ill again, and she wanted to comfort her. "So he watched carefully as Mrs. Feng got up and went down." I want to go out for a walk, too. Mrs. Feng smiled softly. "Mrs. Lu, please go first." Ning Wan took her hand. "Let's go together." On the way, she talked about her daily life with a smile, and then talked about tea tasting. Slowly, she invited her to be a guest at home. "There is no one else in our house. A thousand households are always busy outside during the day. You will come over when you are free in two days. We will taste tea in the same place." Young Mrs. Feng loved to taste tea, and Ning Wan had learned from her how to cook and taste tea. At this time, she secretly wanted to buy a set of good tea stoves and tea sets when she got home, and then pick out some tea cakes and tea leaves to prepare, so that she would not look down on the daily things at home when she came. Mrs. Feng shook her head and said, "Thank you very much, Mrs. Lu. But I'm not in good health. I've had a bad cough in the cold weather these days. The doctor doesn't allow me to eat more tea." The doctor never seemed to let Mrs. Feng drink more tea, but she never listened. She still regarded cooking and tasting tea as the most important thing every day. Besides trying to buy good tea, she also had to collect rain water in summer, snow in winter, dew in the morning, looking for clear springs and streams everywhere, and matching several sets of exquisite tea sets. Now that she has heard her invitation to tea, she can still refuse? In fact, Ning Wan had long been aware of the politeness of Mrs. Feng's words, but she ignored her alienation because of the friendship in her dream. Obviously in the dream they hit it off, but now I don't know why she wants to hide from herself,ceramic bobbin element, Ning Wan can't figure it out, but also feel that it's not appropriate to say more, so they changed their clothes and went back to the stage and sat down to watch the play separately. global-ceramics.com

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