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Mu Changsi was frightened, his face suddenly changed, and his mental strength spread out everywhere, but he could not lock the figure of Mu Shallow Moon! What's going on here? Their own strength is obviously much higher than Mu Qianyue, how can they not be able to lock her? "Poof!" The sound of the sword piercing the chest is so clear to the bone! Mu Changsi felt a pain in his chest and looked down at the sword that penetrated his chest from behind. His beautiful big eyes were full of shock and incredible! With a roar, countless Zhenyuan forces surged and broke away from the sword in front of her chest in an instant. Turning around, blood spilled, she turned her head and looked up at Mu Qianyue, shocked and angry, "How could you hurt me?" "Nothing is impossible." Mu Qianyue's eyes were shallow and cold, and the sword in her hand was shining brightly. Red blood dripped from the tip of the sword, and the rest was swallowed up by the sword, releasing a burst of red awn, as if excited by eating blood. Jin Yicheng, sitting on the ground, was also full of surprise in his eyes. The sword was really too fast just now, so fast that he didn't see how the little moon shot, so he pierced Mu Changsi's chest with a sword. Also has the small moon's posture, is really strange incomparable, comes and goes like the wind! It seems that I am really worried blindly! Xiaoyue can kill Chu Mingzhi without being noticed, how can she be afraid of Mu Changsi? But he forgot, sometimes when people are nervous, they are easily confused, and naturally they can't remember these things. There is no doubt that he is in such a situation now. Why are you so strong when you are obviously a fourth-order warrior? Mu Changsi's eyes quickly flashed a touch of fear,Beverage packing machine, the feeling of palpitation is like the feeling of Yu Huan Feng to her in general, to know that Yu Huan Feng is a nine-order warrior ah! "This must be the credit of the Tower of Babel!"! It must be the Tower of Babel! Suddenly, Mu Changsi's face became ferocious and crazy, his eyes flashing with excitement and greed, "Mu Qianyue, I must kill you, only kill you, I can get the Tower of Babel!"! Even Grandpa can't get the Tower of Babel, I can get it,Edible oil filling machine, I will be the future head of the Mu family! Ha-ha Grandpa? Mu Qianyue's face is cold. Is she also one of Mu Linggang's grandchildren? Between the dark pupils, the light gradually cooled, cold and fierce. Mu Changsi did not notice this at all, and his eyes were full of thoughts about how to get the Babel Tower, how to become the head of the Mu family, and how to dominate the mainland of Huan Zhou. Chapter 881 master level! 【3】 The expression on her face is sometimes ferocious, sometimes crazy, sometimes full of greed, sometimes full of calculation, she looked up and quickly took a few healing pills, and immediately launched an attack on Mu Qianyue. The power of Qinglong's blood! See Mu Changsi finger pinch formula, ferocious Zhenyuan force in her fingers to form a red yuan dragon, roar, toward Mu Qianyue rushed past! The giant red dragon, about a hundred feet long, blocks the sky and the sun. The huge dragon's song shook the earth and was so terrible that the whole foothill trembled. The ferocious force filled the space between heaven and earth, making the space slightly distorted. Feeling the majestic power of this force, CSD filling line ,water bottling line, Jin Yicheng's face changed greatly and roared, "Little Moon, get out of the way quickly!"! Out of the way! Let go of me quickly and I'll pick it up! This strength is too strong, even if his strength is normal, it is difficult to resist, let alone the small moon? No, he must not let the moon! But what the hell is going on? Why can't he move? "Ha ha, Mu Qianyue, go to hell!"! As long as you are dead, the ancient artifact is mine! Ha-ha And the pure blood of your body, all of it is mine! Mu Changsi's face showed a happy and excited smile, this move is her strongest card, but also her own research and creation of skills. Unless the feather magic maple came, otherwise no one can take her this move! This time, Mu Qianyue is dead! Mu Qianyue disdained to hum coldly and stood still, her beautiful face was still indifferent, and she did not change color at all because of the attack of the red giant dragon.
Under the lilac sleeve, I saw her plain hand lightly raised, a move to destroy life, the ferocious sword immediately bombarded on the red giant dragon of Mu Changsi, suddenly only heard a scream of'whine ', the red giant dragon did not even have a chance to struggle, was directly blown into countless pieces, flying down with the wind, disappeared between heaven and earth. Poof! Mu Changsi was eaten back, his face suddenly turned white, a mouthful of blood spurted out, completely seriously injured, lost combat effectiveness. She fell to the ground feebly, raised her head, looked at Mu Shallow Moon's eyes full of horror, and murmured in her mouth, "No, it's impossible!"! This is not true! You can't be okay! Impossible! Repeated blows, repeated defeats, completely defeated her pride, her self-righteousness, her calculation, how could she accept it? However, the facts are in front of us. Mu Changsi, at that time, because of your own selfish desires, you caused my father and mother to suffer all kinds of setbacks and hardships, let them go through life and death, caused my family to be separated from each other, and have not been reunited until now! I will ask you for these enmities bit by bit! Mu Qianyue's expression was as cold as ice, her words fell, and her figure suddenly disappeared from the original place. When she reappeared, she was already beside Mu Changsi. Su raised his hand lightly and patted Mu Changsi on the top of his head. Bitch! Stop it! Mu Yongli's angry roar sounded in the distant sky, tearing his heart and lungs, full of horror and anger! Mu Qianyue raised her eyes and took a cold look at Mu Yongli. Her palm fell hard and fell on the Baihui acupoint on the top of Mu Changsi's head. She began to absorb the blood of Qinglong in her body. Didn't she want the power of her blood? Then she'll fight fire with fire! The rich and pure power of blood vessels entered the body along the arm, and the tendons and veins in her body quickly flowed open. Under the action of the power of stars, the residues and impurities in the absorbed power of blood vessels were filtered out and discharged from the body. The remaining pure blood quickly merged into the body. Boom.. With a muffled sound, Mu Qianyue clearly heard the blood in her body rise to a new height! A while ago,liquid bottle filling machine, it was the peak of the perfect level, so now it has reached the blood of the master level! Yes, it's a master!. gzxilinear.com

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