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In a chaotic world, all positions and honors are empty, and only strength is the absolute truth. The whole earth is full of flames of war and the law of the jungle. Everyone has torn off their camouflage and fought for their survival. The human world and the celestial world are relatively calm. Despite the panic, many people do not believe that the world will really collapse. However, the people who have the strength have already acted early. Ordinary practitioners are dubious, but when they reach the realm of heaven, they have an instinctive sense of good or bad luck. They do not want to believe that the end of the world is coming, but they have to prepare for the worst. Western Fazu summoned the gods desperately to collect spiritual springs, sacred trees and other gods that could breed spiritual spirits, and the gods were terrified. The Fourth Patriarch and the Fifth Patriarch also gathered the Chen family together, prepared for the worst, and contacted the other two moons at the same time, ready to fight against difficulties when necessary. In the fifth world.. It has to be said that the peerless king Chu Xiangyu has unimaginable magical powers. He seems to know exactly what is going to happen and has already made preparations in advance. No one can compete with him, he is crazy to collect spiritual veins, with peerless supernatural power to cut off several earth spiritual roots. However, he did not prepare for himself, but gave it to the last of the seven ancient kings, and a friend he had asked to be born earlier, telling them that they would still live forever if they had all this. Then, Chu Xiangyu disappeared! After the peerless king disappeared, the remaining two king masters were deployed according to him. Crazy collection of spiritual roots, divine veins and immortal springs. Gather the population. Experts from all walks of life are preparing, when everyone is in fear,plastic pallet supplier, the storm rises again, it can be said to be even more chaotic! The legendary third world. Trapped in all walks of life a large number of Tianjie masters, some of the great evil, evil gods and even Tianjie masters in the eyes of the antique, these people actually appeared in all walks of life! Unbreakable third world, there has been a huge change, a long time ago, the strong. Some have returned to their own worlds! Although it is only a small part,plastic pallet manufacturer, it is enough to cause a big storm, such as the human world and the celestial world. The returning winged men, ancient giants, and heavenly dragons began to compete with Fazu for divine veins, spiritual springs, immortals, and people! There are hundreds of heavenly masters in the third world. Although only a few dozen people from all walks of life returned, it was enough to cause a hurricane. A chaotic era is coming! Is this the last madness before the great collapse, or is it a new beginning? Chen Nan is very anxious, in the sixth world between heaven and earth, a few days to fly more than half of the world, but is unable to find the dragon, Meng Keer, Qianlong, the big devil and other figures. The whole world is in chaos. I don't know where these people have gone. After the great collapse, he did not know whether he could see the ruffian dragon laughing and scolding, stackable plastic pallets ,mobile garbage bin, and whether he could see the naughty and lovely baby dragon. The powers are crazy. The tianjie masters are in the separatist region, frantically snatching the population, and the immortals are trying to choose their backers. Do not take refuge in the strength of the strong, waiting for them is to perish. Now, everyone has seen it. The main purpose of the master is to collect spiritual roots and veins, which can breed Reiki! Immortals and gods do not seek refuge. You will be killed. Turned into Reiki, and was swallowed up into his own inner heaven and earth by the heavenly order masters. As for the role of the people, it is unknown, this is also the day order master to scramble for. Chen Nan has not yet taken extreme measures to compete with them in general, but it has also been seen that those people seem not only to fight against the catastrophe, but also to consider the situation after the new life in the future! Looking at the crazy sentient beings, Chen Nan felt like in a dream, everything was so unreal, everything was so illusory, the six realms of survival were about to collapse. However, depression and panic is no way, that is not his character, now only positive face. Suddenly, he thought of in the third world, Huang Tian incarnation said, the day of the return of the ancient gods, is the time when the six realms collapse! All of it, completely destroyed! God has been waiting for this day! Although Huang Tian's incarnation was devoured by the monster in the blood coffin, his words have been hidden in Chen Nan's heart.
Thinking of all this, he broke out in a cold sweat. Could it be said that the ancient gods were going to return? It must be so! The Great Destruction came from this! Careful induction, a terrible pressure, has been filled between heaven and earth, this seems to be a sign before the great destruction! Chen Nan wants to escape back to the human world, he has a premonition that the ancient gods will return, the human world may produce unimaginable events. Chen Nan flies at extreme speed, crossing heaven and earth, and finally catches an old God. From his mouth, he learns where the sixth world and the door of time and space on earth are. The power of the origin of time and space has been brought into full play. The earth, known as the most vast land in the six realms, has been flown a whole time. A few days later, he finally came to the place where the light of a chaotic knot shines. A penetrating cloud The huge mountain of fog stands in front of us. This is the famous sacred ancient mountain in the sixth world. It has not collapsed after years of force. It still exists since ancient times! The Chaotic Gate on the boiling side stands high on the top of the mountain. From a distance, I saw a familiar trace. The king of the world, Hei Qi, was fighting against the master of the order of heaven on the top of the mountain. Teng, this is a battle without any suspense, the black magic knife is overwhelming between heaven and earth, and there is little resistance in the six ways. Wen also knew Chen Nan, who was in the battlefield with him. When he first entered the third world, he met a two-headed demon wolf and a hydra, but now he has entered the sixth world. Together with them, there is a toad as big as a mountain. The three-headed King of Warcraft is far from the enemy of the Black Rise, and is about to be killed by the Black Rise. Hei Qi came here, apparently wanting to return to the human world. He did not hesitate to kill the three heavenly masters, and hundreds of thousands of other creatures plundered by him collapsed mercilessly in the sky. The endless breath of life was vast. Finally, the door of space was opened,plastic bulk containers, and Hei Qi strode in and rushed to the human world. Chen Nan came at the right time and also rushed into the door of space. The power of the seal in the interior of the gate has been much weaker. The six channels will be shattered, and there has been a big crack in the space channel! This is the strongest proof that the collapse of the six realms is not far away. Is that you?! Take your life! Inside the door of space, the death light of the desperate magic knife shines and splits down. cnplasticpallet.com

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