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His mind instantly fell into a kind of hearty and dripping pleasure, all the body and mind, spirit, fighting spirit and soul had been completely burning, anger, war, killing, pain and pleasure, countless emotions like wild waves surged in his body, and a creature imprisoned in the deepest part of his body was lured out by the impact of the waves. The murderous savagery that has accumulated for countless years is released in an instant, and then all the impulses that originate from the soul are poured into a long roar of relief. "Roar..!" The shadow of a huge black dragon burst out from behind him, and the roaring sound of the dragon resounded throughout the surrounding space. The earth jumped, the air trembled, and for a moment it seemed that the whole world was trembling in the continuous high-pitched sound! This sound is definitely not a human can make, even the legend of the strongest land overlord Beamon monster, chasing lightning giant thunderbirds can not make such a roar. It's not just loud, it's not just ear-shaking, it's mind-shaking. Shake the soul. This is the voice of the dragon. The majesty and pressure in this roar, which was directly imposed on all the creatures heard,portable gold wash plant, could never be matched by any other voice. If this is in the wild where there are other creatures. Human beings, animals and even beasts will kneel down with weak limbs when they hear this sound, which has nothing to do with courage and fighting spirit, but comes from the instinctive fear of their own great existence, innate fear. But at this moment. All he got was a speechless mumble. "What are you shouting about?". That's why I hate this thing. Surrounded by the phantom sword array of the body Xiao Lan frowned, it is obvious that he does not like the situation of the blood too much, whether the parties are themselves or another self. Hearing the sound of Xiao LAN himself was embarrassed,Carbon in Pulp, but he soon had a chance to divert his attention. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Sob, sob..! Heard a more loud, noisy and malicious roar, which was like thousands of mouths shouting together, like the sharp sound of fingernails scratching glass, directly impacting the soul of the noise wave appeared again. For the tentacle monster on the side, Xiao Lan does not roar this dragon Yin is really the most extreme provocation, and already only the most basic instinct of the creature, his attitude to the threat is only one. Kill. And eat it! Although the monster has been alienated to the point that it has no brain at all, it retains all the memories of Michael and the computing power of a supercomputer. Since I didn't get any results after chasing for a long time, I don't know whether I should say high or low IQ. At this moment, I finally thought of an effective solution. Whether it is the capture of tentacles or the laser of the energy beam of the evil eye, it will be invalidated because it has been avoided. What if it's an unavoidable attack? The twelve wings of light, which were more bright red than blood, mineral flotation ,coltan ore processing, were dazzling in an instant, and the huge energy visible to the naked eye immediately converged on all parts of the body, making the two Xiao Lan's perception instantly sound the rapid warning of "high-energy reaction ahead"! But at this moment when there will be a more powerful wide-area attack than the "final holy war", the Gemini Magic Man, who can't avoid it in the same space, seems to have no nervous mood, and Xiao Lan, who waved the claws of the dragon in his hand, did not forget to seize the opportunity to tease him. The impact of the shadow into which the divine storm has fallen.. This thing can't hide at all, and your magic explosion can only resist for a moment. Do you want to borrow my guardian power? Under the static style of Guardian Heart, this scattered wide-area attack can not do anything to him, and he is relatively willing to provide protection for his other self. However, this seems to be unnecessary. Thank you, but I don't need it.
” Just staring at the imminent outbreak of all the deadly light of death, the body of Xiao LAN will be holding the scabbard samurai sword to the chest, a threatening momentum suddenly climbed to let the surrounding air send out a trembling howl, powerful magic whirl, outbreak, gathering, in the immediate roll up the whirlpool of the storm, and then a touch of thunderous blue flash instantly illuminated everything around! And in this burst of wind and shining thunder package, the whole body wrapped in countless jumping electric awn of the magic man loudly singing the spirit of words. "Wake up, boundless." : Solution: Royal.. Dimensional wall !” Thanks for the rewards: Dark Inflammation Phoenix, Flowing Clouds Moon Dream, Angry Blood Dragon, No Self, No Constant, No Way, WW w. On the top of the market. xia oshu otxt.co m Chapter 481 the twin solution of the vertical combination: the boundless blade. In the midst of a strong wind. In the glare of the sun. The whole world I saw in front of me was immediately drowned by the dark color of the curse. Under the full operation of the twelve blood-colored wings of light, the incomparably huge magic gathered at an appalling speed. It's stupid, but it's like a water-filled balloon, which is already full, but continues to fill in, and when the balloon expands beyond the limit, it breaks as expected, and everything inside it pours out. A fiery hell in an instant. The condensed and liberated magic wave turns into a storm that erodes the world, filled with the darkness of the curse of "all the evils in the world." In an instant, it turns into a shattering force that burns all life, like a black sun falling directly into the earth and burning everything around it. This power is definitely not comparable to that of a nuclear bomb with an average yield, but is almost comparable to that detonated when it was closest to destroying the earth in human history. The 50-million-ton bomb destroyed an island with one blow, and according to calculations, it would set off a 1000-meter-high tsunami on the east coast of the United States. Or from New York to Philadelphia, all the cities within a radius of 700 kilometers will no longer exist,magnetic separator machine, "Big Ivan", the apostle's greatest effort to open the wings of energy-gathering light is really enough to destroy the extreme terror of civilization! And at this critical moment, Xiao LAN feel micro not good. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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