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Looking for his father, who had only 20 million in his mind at the moment, grabbed his pen and signed his name in disorder. How do I know you are not which fraud group? "Although the mouth said so, but the father knows that the 20 million is absolutely not run away." Hey, old man, you are very dizzy, our president... "Dou Dian, copy down Mr. Xun's account number." Uzuojun also accepted the contract. I'll send someone to wire the money to your account tomorrow, Mr. Hyun. Say, Yu Zuojun also turned around and left. The smell of wine in the room was so disgusting that he really didn't know how he had lived. Standing outside the house, his heart was still occupied by her, I do not know if she woke up in the hospital? FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 I.. I'm going to the party.. Riya Cup. I'm going to.. Go to Taipei. Xunyou, who was still in a deep sleep, murmured her full expectation. Be good, I will let you go to the Riya Cup, and I will take you to Taipei. Yu Zuojun, sitting beside the hospital bed, stroked her face with his big hand and whispered softly. After the doctor examined her,ultrasonic dispersing machine, it was determined that she only had a common cold and fever, and because of excessive fatigue, it would be more serious. The nurse gave her an injection and a bottle of intravenous drip, which should be all right. As long as she had a good sleep, she could recover. He didn't want her to go back to her alcoholic father when she recovered from her illness, so he decided to take her back to Taipei immediately. The door of the ward was knocked twice, and the driver Dou Dian came in. President,ultrasonic molten metal, the handwriting is ready. We can go now. "Mmm." Yu Zuojun also stood up and touched her forehead to make sure that her fever had subsided and smiled reassuringly. I'm taking you to Taipei! A few minutes later, he was already sitting in the back seat of his special car, becoming a strong support for Xunyuanyou, who had not yet left his patient status. Gently hugging her thin shoulder, he was full of pity written on his face, even the driver in front of Dou Dian could see it. Half an hour later, the car was on the expressway, but Yuzuojun suddenly stopped. "Go around the car." "Ah?!" DouDian nervously hurriedly parked the car on the shoulder. Thinking that Xun yuanyou had a fever again, the president asked him to go back to the hospital. Go back to the village. She didn't take her club. Uzuojun also ordered. He knew that she cherished the club left by her grandfather very much, and it was the spiritual support for her to become the first in the world. He can buy anything new for her, but that club, no famous club can replace it. Yes Turn back at the next interchange and return to the village in an hour. At first, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, the father thought that Yuzuojun had gone back on his word and pretended to be drunk and crazy. Later, when he heard that he was coming to get the club, his eyes lit up immediately. This club is a treasure handed down by her grandfather. "Ten million, is enough?" Sitting in the back seat, Yu Zuojun, who did not get off, only pressed the window, and only saw the money in his eyes, but did not see his daughter's father "deal". " Enough, enough! Even the driver, Dou Dian, could not bear to look at his father's ugliness of loving money more than his daughter. Give me the club. Dou Dian reached out to him for a club. Wait a minute. Wait for me. I'll get it right away. In five minutes, my father pulled Damao back and shouted angrily, "You little thief, why don't you take out the club quickly?" Damao looked into the car. Didn't you say that yuan You was going to be hospitalized? Why did you bring her back? "With that, Damao went up and pulled open the car door.". When Dou Dian wanted to block it, his father pulled Damao first. Thief boy, what are you doing? "I, I helped you back to her room." "yuan You won't live in this shabby house any more. This rich gentleman is going to take yuan You to Taipei. Hey, boy, bring the club quickly!" yuan You is going to Taipei with him? This How can this be? yuan You, she still wants to study. She wants to.. "You don't have to worry about that. All you have to do is take the club to this gentleman." Damao, if you took the club, please bring it to me. My boss is going back to Taipei. We are in a hurry.
"Dou Dian said to Damao in a good voice.". Hit someone else once, although the president helped him pay a sum of money to his mother, but there is always a debt in his heart. Are you really going to take you away. But, hey.. She, she doesn't necessarily want to go with you. The childhood sweetheart wanted to leave, and Damao was in a panic and reluctant to leave. And why should you.. Take her away? "Smelly boy!"! You are the least qualified person to speak. If you have 20 million.. In the middle of his father's words, he saw Yuzuojun suddenly turn his head and stare at him sternly, scaring him to stop and keep silent. Yu Zhu Jun's Li Guang moved to Da Mao and said, "Bring me the club." Damao probably guessed that the rich man in front of him had spent 20 million yuan to "buy" yuanyou. He looked frustrated, his shoulders collapsed, and without saying much, he turned back and got the club. After giving the club to Dou Dian, he saw the window beside the seat of Yu Zuojun rising slowly. Damao rushed forward and asked anxiously, "Can I go to see yuan You?" The window tightly separates the people outside the car, and the black ink-like window makes people unable to see the people inside and the scene inside. Damao looked at Dou Dian in a hurry, but Dou Dian was helpless and shook his head in silence. Put the cue in the trunk! The black car pulled away from the rough alley. 。“ You, you.. Damao squatted and began to cry. Damao's mother and several neighbors gathered around, only to hear his father proudly showing off to the neighbors that the club had sold for 10 million yuan. Ten million?! Who are you kidding? "Damao's mother kicked her Damao with her foot." Damao,ultrasonic metal welding, what are you doing squatting on the ground? Damao suddenly got up and angrily pointed to his father with red eyes. "Did you sell yuan You?" "You, you brat, are you in charge of me?"? Who the hell are you? ? I'm looking for a good environment for yuan You. ……” 。 fycgsonic.com

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