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Ye Fan poor eyebrow, this disc-shaped aircraft is very huge, the speed is fast to catch up with the light, it is amazing, and the material is very special, comparable to the casting of sacred materials. Brush! A divine light swept down and came at him. Ye Fan spread out the formula, but it was still too late. The pillar of light was so huge that it covered half of the city. Your grandpa did it to me! Ye Fan found that he involuntarily, with the light column into the air, did not go straight to the green gold disc. Brothers and sisters, do you hear the voice of the divine mind? Monthly ticket, Sui Sui read, the first day ah, very miserable, eager for your guaranteed monthly ticket support. May Day, should work hard, but I have something to do, can only be updated normally, can not go to spell. Chapter 1107 foreign civilization. Chapter 1109 Extraterritorial Civilization [It is not easy to write a book and ask for a monthly ticket and a free recommendation ticket for the author (two free recommendation tickets per day, the first V is enough)] Attached: I hope everyone will speak harmoniously and discuss actively. The fate of a thousand miles begins with covering the sky. Total Serial Posts (Chapter 910) Serial post after chapter 910 The last twenty chapters Portal Water stickers are strictly prohibited in serial posts, and violators will be banned for 10 days. Appeal to enthusiastic members Report illegal posts in time and answer some questions within one's power. Work together for the harmony and friendship of Zhe Tian Ba -Everyone should keep warm to avoid catching a cold. Cover the sky bar group-I wish you all a good mood every day Provided by Xiao Xiao This is the orange beam of light, will cover Ye Fan, haze dense, let him jump up, to the huge blue gold disc did not go. Space track mark! Ye Fan discovered that this light was the law of the void, and strands of it came together to form this strange light, and the aircraft emitted silver light,Kava Root Extract, swallowing heaven and earth. When he approached the green gold disc, he was more sure that this vessel was a kind of compound divine material, which could be used to refine holy vessels, including Da Luo silver essence, green gold, suet jade, iron and so on. Whew! The law of light is so swift that Ye Fan is close to the transformation of light. The disc shone with a cold metallic sheen, the bottom opened, a light hole appeared, sucked him in,D BHB Factory, and then the bottom closed. It was a huge golden temple, or cage, empty and silent, as if it had come into the universe. The walls are made of metal, engraved with many runes, as well as flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds and animals, flashing a little luster, like stars in the night sky, while the top of the arc is covered with various lines, mysterious and complex. Ye Fan was stunned. Is this really a flying saucer? In any case, it looks like a powerful space instrument, bringing him in, the world. These veins are.. Road marks! He furrowed his brows, further realizing that it was far from being as simple as he had imagined, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, or it would be impossible to imprison him, as the laws within the sacred vessel were intertwined. This is somewhat different from what he expected. It's not necessarily a flying saucer. It's really possible that it's a strange instrument that gave birth to a God, so there are all kinds of visions. Boom! Ye Fan stretched out his palm, golden and fists flashed blazing light, and hit the metal wall, and now he was able to break the half-holy instrument with pure force. But the fact was beyond his expectation. The golden wall was ringing and buzzing, and it did not destroy the lines and graceful lines like a silver snake. It's not a flying saucer, it's a sacred vessel! Ye Fan was surprised. Boom! Once again, he used his divine power, and his golden body was as clear as colored glaze, and all his pores were swallowing the rays of the sun, blooming with brilliant awn. Ye Fan's punch was so powerful that it smashed the vacuum and hit the inner wall, but it still only sent out a huge metal trill. Good powerful physical body, the most pure and powerful blood force, find the unique golden body, can be used as a candidate for the strongest blood body, this is a treasure! A spiritual fluctuation came, as if in the evaluation of Ye Fan, revealing a kind of excitement, at the same time a metal wall transparent up, this empty pure metal palace and the outside can see through each other. Ye Fan discovered that this huge metal disc was made of divine material and engraved with traces, but he did not completely rule out that it was not a flying saucer, and what he saw in front of him made him feel quite restless. Rising more vast, there are one after another metal temple, each one is crystal clear, I do not know what material is cast, among which there are all kinds of creatures.
"Demons, humans, ancient people, all kinds of aliens.." Ye Fan found that all the people locked up here were extremely powerful races, even the birds of prey and wild beasts were ancient alien species, such as the golden-winged ROC made of gold, which was hundreds of feet long and dazzling, as well as the three-legged golden bird with flames. The space law of this place is so powerful that hundreds of strange beasts are all contained in a small metal temple. Ye Fan is surprised, can imagine, this huge metal disc consumes far less material than imagined, but the whole body interweaves with extreme space traces. And there are so many small temples inside it, so it can accommodate the strong people of all nationalities, and it is not chaotic. The choppers are here too. Ye Fan found several bearers of the ancient clan, who were depressed and had blood on their bodies, as if they had been drawn blood samples. This is a prison, there are tens of thousands of small metal temples, all crystal clear, almost most of them have a powerful race. Even, Ye Fan discovered a stone person, only the incomplete fierce only cuts the way realm, is not the true holy spirit. In addition, he also saw some races that he did not know at all. It was suspected that they did not belong to this ancient star. Their skin was dark green. They did not have human form. They were born to control lightning. They were splitting the temple and wanted to rush out. Obviously, the huge empty hall where Ye Fan stayed was not a cage, but the entrance to capture the monks. A strange sound came, a fire phoenix all over brilliant, blood red as red clouds, suddenly appeared not far away. This can not be a true phoenix, just a descendant with its blood, and the purity is very high, otherwise it can not be so similar in spirit, five-color auspicious light flashing,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, it is like a phoenix blood cast in red gold, culled over. Clang " As soon as it spreads its wings, it will split the void. Every inch of its flesh and blood is powerful and frightening. The flowing blood makes a sound like lightning and thunder. The strength of its body is evident. Poof! 。 pioneer-biotech.com

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