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Starbird played dead all the way: "Crayfish, too much trouble." The bees didn't even look at him, but all the crayfish they had peeled were fed into his mouth. The star bird whispered, "Xiao Feng, it's the best." The bee gave him another one. An Zhuxi looked at it secretly and thought it could be done, for example, he peeled a crayfish to feed Han Junzhu? If he eats it, isn't it.. What if I don't eat! An Zhuxi was thinking about it carefully when a small dish of lobster meat fell into his eyes. "Eat while it's hot," said Han Junzhu. An Zhuxi suddenly turned his head and stared at Han Junzhu. Han Junzhu was still peeling the shrimp carefully. He asked him, "What's wrong?" "Nothing," said An Zhuxi. And then I ate it. This move is not good, ah, an Zhuxi is a little depressed, Han Junzhu is very good at taking care of people, often give him this, cut that, if this is flirting, then Han Junzhu is not flirting with him every day? The Miller trio ate very fast. After they finished their share, they said, "Take your time. We're going to the third row." "Well, don't play too late," said An Zhuxi. "There's a game tomorrow." "I'm here," said Miller. Han Junzhu got up and said, "I'll wash my hands." An Zhuxi nodded. The child bee asks the star bird: "Still want?" The starbird leaned close to him. "I want you." The bee pushed him away. "No," said Starbird. "It's too much trouble." "You don't have to peel it," said the bee. The star bird did not regard Anzhuxi as an outsider at all. He lowered his voice: "I feel distressed when you peel me." The son bee glares at him: "I didn't see you hurt when I ate it." The star bird looked at it and wanted to rub against it, and Anzhuxi immediately coughed. The bee blushed and said, "We're going to train.." "It's time for you to train," said An Zhuxi. "The whole restaurant is turning yellow!"! As soon as they left, only Anzhuxi was left in the restaurant. He thought about it,filter nozzle, but he still wanted to peel it. Whether he is flirting or not, test him first! An Zhuxi buried himself in peeling shrimps. When he played games, his fingers were very flexible, and from time to time he would burst out with amazing hand speed, but on this kind of guy. Barely peeled one, an Zhuxi deeply felt that the art industry has specialized, peeling shrimp is not easy, so he did not like to eat this thing before, even if he wanted to eat do not want to peel. But for Han Junzhu, he has to work hard! As soon as Han Junzhu came back from washing his hands, he saw the hard-working Anzhuxi. "Do you still want to eat?" He raised his voice. He thought Anzhuxi had finished eating, so he went to wash his hands. An Zhuxi did not lift his head: "I peeled it for you." Han Junzhu: "…" An Zhuxi finally got the third crayfish. He forced together a small dish and said, "Come on, taste it. It tastes very good." Han Junzhu sat beside him. "Why did you peel the shrimp for me?" Of course, it's because I like you, but it's a pity that I'm still in the exploratory stage, Belt Filter Press ,fine bubble diffuser, so I hold back and say, "Reciprocity calls for reciprocity." Han Junzhu smiled and said, "I have washed my hands." "So I'll peel it for you," said An Zhuxi. Han Junzhu reminds him again: "I do not have chopsticks." An Zhuxi was stupefied and reacted: "I.." Feed you Han Junzhu: "Thank you." Eh! The sultry An Zhuxi blushed. This As if you can continue to test? An Zhuxi handed the lobster meat to his mouth, and Han Junzhu really ate it. It's a good thing he wore gloves, or he would have licked the tips of his fingers. After feeding Han Junzhu three lobsters, An Zhuxi said, "Wait for me. I'll peel some more for you." "Don't bother," said Han Junzhu. "No trouble at all," said An Zhuxi. It was fun, and I was very happy. As he peeled it, he thought about it. The result of the test seems to be quite good? Han Junzhu doesn't seem to hate it? What should we do next? Continue to test? It's hard to say. An Zhuxi thought carefully, boys and girls are not the same, some things boys do to girls is a test, boys do to boys seems to be nothing? Until then.. Han Junzhu seems to have fed him. It's all for legitimate reasons. Maybe it doesn't count? An Zhuxi thought about this and that, but when he was distracted, he was pricked. Ouch. An Zhuxi frowned painfully.
Han Junzhu immediately asked, "Did you get it?" Ignoring that he had just washed his hands, he quickly took off Anzhuxi's oily gloves and saw a little blood on the white skin. "It's all right," said An Zhuxi. Han Junzhu: "Go and wash your hands." "All right," said An Zhuxi. He got up to wash his hands, but Han Junzhu actually helped him wash his hands. He stood there like a child, and Han Junzhu held his hand in a dignified and cautious manner, for fear of hurting him. An Zhuxi whispered, "That.." It's all right. A wound the size of the eye of a needle, only half a drop of blood, really do not have to make such a fuss. Han Junzhu frowned and said, "You are a professional player, and your hands need to be well protected." Oh That's right. An Zhuxi felt that it was so difficult to test something. But also not urgent, slowly, this is the first step in the Long March, can not compromise, to make persistent efforts! The next day's competition was very grand. Although the King Glory City Competition is a secondary event, it has been held for many times, and the scale is not small. Before the regional competition, they were all "auditions", not so formal, and not too much attention. It is much more important to enter the regional competition, after all, those who can come here are already the top 12 in the country. After that, every game is more important and more difficult. On the way to the meeting, three people were quite nervous. Zhan Hui is a "nervous" old acquaintance, he is not nervous, but we are not used to it. Three also talk a little less, obviously also some square. The bee looked as usual, but he had been ignoring the star bird, enough to see that he was nervous. There are three people in the car who don't know what tension is. Miller is so careless that he doesn't pretend anything. Han Junzhu. I don't seem to have seen anything worth making him nervous, oh. An Zhuxi pricked his finger yesterday, and he seemed to be nervous. Starbird. Hey,rapid sand filters, hey, hey, don't sleep. Hey! The game is coming soon. Why did you fall asleep again. khnwatertreatment.com

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