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Chapter 171 a human can not let go (client new book science fiction recommendation day sixth watch, fifth watch) Qin Mausoleum is dead. As a commander, there is no doubt that he deserves praise for taking the lead. However, he had been working secretly in the S area before, and the work he carried out was also invisible, and this was the first and last large-scale battle to command non-professional combatants. He didn't expect these zombies to be so strong. To be exact, these zombies are not strong at all, just because they are obedient and equipped with suitable equipment, so they become the cockroaches that humans can't kill. And without the power of the power, and ordinary people are no different, the outcome is already doomed. Ordinary humans and ordinary zombies, talent is weak, not to mention the enhanced version of the zombies with their own equipment. The second gate is no different from the last one, probably the only difference is that the defenders of the third wall are not as well-informed as the two outside, and when they find something wrong, they run down the wall shouting, and then flee through the central square to the residential area. And the gate of the residential area also has a guard, even to the zombies not far away afraid of legs trembling, but still refused to give up the last resistance. Of course,hot tub wholesale, they will not open the gate of the community, which is less than half as strong as the outside, and let the deserters in. However, the armored vehicle that rushed in across the triple defensive wall did not even need to find its position through this level of defense, and it passed directly through a random collision. Even the power guards at the gate of Area a are far less effective than those who often go out to do tasks. They may have the courage to hold on for the last time before the gate is breached, but when the gate is forced open, they immediately flee. There are so many powers in Area A. All of them are more powerful than them. They just deliver food,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, which is meaningless at all. Previously, when the base forcibly recruited people with abilities above a level to defend the enemy at the gate, all the main combat forces of the base had been recruited. The rest are the sick and the wounded and the cowards who are afraid of death. Four armored vehicles led the armored zombie soldiers directly into the a area. Yes, they didn't go to the S area, they didn't go to the B area, and they went straight to the a area of the main battle. As if to know the most basic backbone position to support the entire base, S area is some of the privileged class without the strength of the chicken, B area is relatively weak combat effectiveness of the slag, so do not hesitate to go straight to a area. When the whole Fengcheng base was in chaos, Du Jiuhe outside the city ordered himself and Yunxiaoyue's motorcade to advance towards the gate of Fengcheng base. Report to the chief, there are unknown troops 100 meters ahead on the left. Always pay attention to the surrounding development and prevent the supreme command from falling into a dangerous situation. Du Jiuhe looked at it reflexively, but saw a dark rush on the horizon, and the scene was inexplicably familiar. I'm X! ". Not knowing who was at the bottom, whirlpool hot tub ,jacuzzi manufacturers, he did not control his mouth and cursed. What else could be that vast expanse of black that almost runs at the same speed? Zombies, of course! So, they this group of enhanced zombie tide produced by the Imperial Laboratory just entered the Fengcheng base to kill, the back foot encountered another wave of real zombie tide? How can it be so coincidental?! Is today a good day for a zombie party? Du Jiuhe's eyesight and binoculars are far superior to ordinary people. So at a glance, the number of zombies rushing over is more than the thousands of them, and the clothes are different, it is obvious that the team is pieced together. However, he still has a shock in his heart. No one will believe such a coincidence, let alone professionals who have been experimenting with zombies for a long time. A psychic zombie will control a large number of ordinary zombies for a long time to become their own exclusive guard, yes, but over a hundred zombie tide level of psychic zombies is rare, thousands of this in addition to their use of special equipment, only the zombie emperor can do. Mental powers of the zombie brain capacity is also limited, can control the number of zombies even over a thousand, but will certainly reserve some mental powers to fight with the enemy. Moreover, the spirit of zombies can not have no intelligence quotient to leave their own way out, see in front of thousands of strange zombies suddenly hit the chicken blood to intercept.
This group of new zombies, will not be their support partners, should not be their enemies, in the final analysis, these zombies are to do, all depends on the person behind them. However, Du Jiuhe boasted that he had started the zombie research project before the end of the world, and it was terrible that someone could think of it with him and control the same or even beyond his scale of zombies. The thousands of zombies with different costumes that look more distinctive may be almost the same for ordinary people, but Du Jiuhe and Yunxiaoyue, who faced the zombie soldiers day and night, looked even worse as they advanced, and even Yunxiaoyue directly asked Du Jiuhe: "Chief, I don't think the situation is very good. Let's withdraw first!"! Quickly withdraw the soldiers inside to resist for a while. With these zombies, at least they have no problem running away. The opposite of these new zombies are obviously relatively high IQ, the speed of their attack and the way of movement is similar from a distance, the closer you can see that the front of the wind zombies have far more than behind too much. There are at least twenty or thirty wind systems! Can control the power of zombies in addition to the spirit of zombies, there are zombies emperor. Moreover, the number of power zombies that spiritual power zombies can control is even smaller, and it is impossible to have only the wind system, so there must be dozens or even hundreds of other natural power zombies behind them. This is not at the same level as their zombie legion. Although the power zombies run out of power is no different from ordinary zombies, but the two sides carry hard, the number of each other is more, their equipment advantage is almost not obvious. What's more, these power zombies themselves are more powerful than the power of the existence, a power zombie kill two fine equipment zombies, the consumption of light power and an ordinary zombie hard is not a problem. They came this time,whirlpool hot tub spa, is ready to occupy the Fengcheng base, did not intend to meet with the zombie emperor. Beating people and fighting zombies is not the same, okay. monalisa.com

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