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The shadow puppet did not seem to hear the words of Nian Bing, his body floated up like a shadow, and at that moment, the mental power in Nian Bing's mind suddenly fluctuated violently, and he clearly saw that the shadow puppet had changed, and that the body, which was originally based on the innate Qi and absorbed the dark elements, had become illusory in an instant, while the devouring magic knife rose high. The dark energy, which was more than ten feet long, quickly shrank to within a foot, doubling its speed in an instant and rushing towards the head of the flying God pig. The flying God pig seemed to know very well, although the roar in his nose did not stop, but his huge body curled up together, really turned into a meat ball, the body quickly reversed in the air, by the huge ears wrapped in the outermost, a layer of gray energy emitted from the body, suddenly hit the shadow puppet. See this scene, read ice is not worried, his mental strength is always locked in the flying God pig, once the shadow puppet can not resist,Horse weight lbs, he will immediately hand, but now look, the shadow puppet seems to resist is not difficult, the flying God pig's attack area is large, but in the face of its shadow puppet's biggest feature is speed and flexibility, with its collision attack, It is impossible to deal damage to the Shadow Golem. Just as Nian Bing thought of the direction in which the shadow puppet might dodge, a scene that made him laugh and cry appeared. The shadow puppet surprisingly did not dodge the attack of the flying God pig. The forward body braked in an instant and suddenly stagnated in midair. The devouring magic knife was held high above his head and suddenly sent out a black light,horse weight tape, but this light was not an attack on the flying God pig. But shot into the air above the flying pig, which made Nian Bing wonder, what on earth is this shadow puppet going to do? The answer is revealed at the same time as reading the ice's doubts. The speed of the flying pig's downward rush is naturally very fast under the influence of its huge weight, while the movement of the shadow puppet is just a line faster than it. The black light in the air was magnified in an instant, and a huge body no smaller than the flying pig suddenly appeared in midair. It was the sweet mother of the mouse, the super dark mouse that had evolved to the fifth order. WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Chapter 172 Flying God pig. The appearance of the dark magic rat obviously startled the flying God pig, but everything went too fast, it had no time to respond, the attack of the dark magic rat was unique, his four relatively small claws were put away, learning the appearance of the flying God pig curled up together, but its body did not rotate, pointed head upward, a pair of small eyes did not squint. Fat buttocks down, the whole body exudes a layer of black light, even a buttocks down to do down. The speed of the dark magic mouse sitting down is also very fast, Wheel tape measure ,Adhesive fish ruler, its weight is not light, when its position is close to the shadow puppet, the flying God pig also just hit over, so, the scene of the ice spurt appeared, swarthy fat buttocks, and the flying God pig's round rolling body came to a close contact, two equally fat bodies. It fell from the sky like two huge meat balls and hit the mountainside of Green Mountain. Boom, the huge roar shook Nian Bing directly from the place where he stood. Fortunately, he had been prepared and protected his ears with his mental strength, so he was not hurt. When Nian Bing entered the Green Mountains, he carefully explored the rock structure of the Green Mountains, which, in addition to being filled with huge dark energy, was also extremely hard, more than twice as hard as the more common black rocks in the land of God. However, the dark magic rat with flying God pig two huge meat balls together is really terrible, flying God pig rotating body because of the dark magic rat this big buttocks sit down and change the direction of the impact, coupled with the energy of the dark devil rat and their two own weight, this moment of impact will fly God pig that huge body shadow into the green mountain. Fully two-thirds of his body was trapped in it. With the depression it smashed as the center, the cracks continued to spread around. It lasted a hundred feet before it stopped.
The flying God pig was really angry this time, and its huge body struggled hard and jumped out of the depression by itself. Looking at the dark mouse still rising in the air, his mouth let out a roar like a pig's hum with some changes, and a huge gray airflow condensed around his body, which looked very strange, and in the process of condensation, one strange gray vortex after another appeared on the flying God pig, and the center of these vortices was black. The big black eyes of the flying God pig, which had been full of laziness, had turned blood red, and with a deep roar, the fat and prominent nose kept exhaling a stream of hot air. Nian Bing's heart tightened. Immediately inform the shadow puppet with mental strength, he knows that the flying God pig is about to launch, will be similar to the small pink pig official animal blood boiling stunt. How strong is the attack of such a big pig? Nian Bing didn't know, and he didn't want to know. Although the flying God pig's movements are not fast, and seems to be very lazy, but the strength of its dark breath is far beyond the recognition of the ice, the huge gray energy has been condensed almost in a blink of an eye. Then, the flying God pig raised its two front hooves, opened its huge ears like a fan to both sides, and a huge gray airflow rose into the sky and rushed towards the dark magic mouse that had begun to fall. The air flow it sent out was very strange. The shape was exactly the same as its body, it was a complete energy body flying God pig, that huge pressure, even if the ice did not face it, also can not help but be startled, he asked himself even after many times of transformation of the body, also certainly can not withstand such a ferocious attack. The wisdom of the shadow puppet is far above the imagination of the ice. When the all-out attack of the flying God pig was sent out for a moment, which can also be said to be the moment when the energy pig was completely separated from the entity pig, the dark magic rat in the air actually disappeared. Completely disappeared,Surveyors tape measure, leaving no trace. Although the dark magic rat was shocked by the body of the flying God pig, it did not suffer any substantial damage. When the flying God pig launched the strongest attack, it was taken back by the shadow puppet. tapemeasure.net

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