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In the face of the white ape Lao Zu's fierce fist, the jade alum son looked calm and calm, pinched the formula with his right hand, and at the same time recited the truth in his mouth. The Taoist robe swung slightly, and in the blink of an eye, he crossed the white ape Lao Zu's fist wind and appeared on his waist side. The violent fist hit the body of the jade alum. It was like hitting a shadow, and there was no reaction. Lao Dao, where are you going? The white ape Lao Zu's reaction was not slow either. As soon as the jade alum net appeared on the side of the waist, the white ape Lao Zu's palms and claws took advantage of the situation and turned to the jade alum. Pow! The white ape Lao Zu is fast, the jade alum is faster, the sleeve robe swings, five white jade fingers stretch out from the bottom of the sleeve, a flash of lightning brushes on the waist of the white ape Lao Zu, a little yellow light comes out from the fingertips at the same time, and sinks into the thick fur of the white ape. Three stars of the slanting moon! Not far away, Lin Junxuan's body trembled and blurted out a low cry. With his eyes, he could clearly see the image of the three stars of the oblique moon in the light of light. After staying on Fangcun Mountain for a long time,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, Lin Junxuan knew very well that the magic and magical powers of a Taoist sect like Fangcun Sect, once they were equipped with the symbol of their own sect, must have great power. This kind of magic is performed by such Taoist masters as Jade Alum, and its power is even more extraordinary. Jade alum is light, as if there is no effort, but Lin Junxuan knows that the power of this gentle brush is absolutely beyond doubt. The old ancestor of the white ape is too confident. In the face of the master, he is afraid that he will suffer a great loss in this fight. It seems to be a response to Lin Junxuan's thoughts. In midair,304 Stainless Steel Wire, the demon ape of thousands of feet was suddenly sent out an astonishing roar, and the whole huge ape face was twisted in pain. In the gaze of a pair of shocked eyes, the huge demon ape fell back heavily and flew away. As soon as its feet left the top of the mountain, it quickly shrank to hundreds of feet in a breath. Boom! In a loud noise, I saw the white ape Lao Zu hit a bare mountain peak thousands of feet away. Its body returned to its original size and sank into the interior of the mountain. There was only an ape-shaped hole ten feet high on the cliff, and the smoke and dust were constantly floating out of the human-shaped hole. The old ancestor of the white ape was trapped in it and did not know whether he was alive or dead. Ape, you have lived thousands of years in vain. This Dharma is like heaven and earth. The magical power, Fangcun Zong originally ruled the world, not to mention that the fragments you got came from Fangcun Zong. Use Fang Cun Zong's "Fa Xiang Tian Di" to deal with the contemporary head of Fang Cun Zong. Only you can do such a stupid thing! A huge breath suddenly came into the air. Appeared over the Great Snow Mountain, the voice hovered in the sky, with a cold and horrible taste, the ancestor of the white ape, 304 stainless steel wire ,stainless steel welded pipe, who had lived for thousands of years, became a little ape in his mouth. As soon as the inexplicably powerful voice turned, it was transferred to the jade alum below: Master of Fangcun Sect, although you entered the Tao very late, we have to admit that you are strong. However, the peace between Shiwan Dashan and Zhongyuan Daomen has lasted for thousands of years. Although there are conflicts during this period, they are all trivial matters. No Taoist master has ever broken into my hundred thousand mountains. Are you going to destroy this rare peace? This unknown existence called the white ape Lao Zu and the jade alum son used two different tones. The white ape Lao Zu was a little ape in his mouth, but when it came to the jade alum son, his tone was much more respectful. Although he did not look up, at least he had put the jade alumen son in an equal position in his tone. This sudden mysterious strong breath is extremely powerful, just a voice containing the breath almost makes the whole space where the snow mountain is solidified, the breath belongs to the powerful pressure of the strong demon clan is almost breathless, all the white boats buried their heads in the thick snow, dare not look up at the sky. Although the apes and demons of the Great Snow Mountain did not submit to the earth, they also had a look of fear in their eyes. Yufan Zili did not pay attention to the voice in the sky. He went straight to Lin Junxuan with a wave of his hand. The prohibition of the white ape Lao Zu Bu at the entrance of the cave was easily broken by him. Headmaster! Seeing the jade alum coming, Lin Junxuan bowed and saluted. Go With an awestruck look on his face, Yu Fanzi reached out and grabbed Lin Junxuan's arm. He turned around and walked out quickly.
Lin Junxuan did not speak, from the hurried steps of the jade alum, he has felt some kind of tense atmosphere. Over the ribs of the jade alum, Lin Junxuan saw evil clouds coming from all directions with harsh laughter. Chatter, unexpectedly or the head of a Taoist school, is really asking for death, self-entrapment! What a powerful master. The white ape on the Great Snow Mountain is no match for him! But. I am doomed to die when I come to a hundred thousand mountains! The mournful voice came from the distance, and the evil clouds that came from the distance surged faster. Yu Fanzi pulled Lin Junxuan to bow his head and walk quickly. He didn't even look at the changes in the four directions. He walked very fast. A few breaths were about to cross the first circle of hills outside the Great Snow Mountain. Roar! Suddenly, a loud roar came out from behind, and a large area of rubble shot out from the mountainside of a giant peak beside the Great Snow Mountain. I'm so angry. Jade Alum, leave it to Lao Zu! With a loud roar, the mountain shook, and the white ape Lao Zu, who had been blasted into the mountain by the jade alum, suddenly jumped out of the mountain and turned into a white shadow in midair with the anger and anger of the sky. The ancestor of the white ape has attained the Tao for many years. He is a man with a strong sense of heaven and man. Moreover, apes and monsters have always had thick skin and flesh. It's not that easy to die. The brush of the jade alum failed to seriously injure the giant ape, but it killed the cruel and violent ape nature that he had endured for thousands of years. Give Lao Zu my death! In the roar, the white ape Lao Zu's two snow-white ape arms with towering hair broke through the air and swelled to the thickness of a bucket as soon as they shook in the wind. The huge ape arms were infinitely elongated, like pythons strangling the two men. Go back! The jade alum didn't even look at it. The sleeve robe bulged, and when it was brushed back, an invisible wind rolled back. Click. With a sound, he wrung off the two arms of the white ape Lao Zu and fanned his chest. With a loud cry, the old ancestor of the white ape spurted blood desperately from his mouth,304 Stainless Steel Bar, and his huge body, like a broken line, exploded again on the hard mountain. sxthsteel.com

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