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"Really?" Said Tiffany expectantly, taking Taeyeon's hand. Yes, but now we still have to pay attention to our first album, solo songs slowly. Everyone nodded when they heard Taeyeon's words. Director, I will give you my solo song tomorrow, and I will write it in the evening. "Oh?" Lee Soo-man can't imagine that Taeyeon can write it out tonight. Writing a song is not as simple as eating. You can write it out? "Taeyeon, if the song you wrote is not suitable for you, or the company is not satisfied, it can not be used as your solo song." Li Xiuman reminded. Taeyeon saw that Lee Soo-man didn't believe he could write a song in such a short time, so he planned to perform it live. "How about I write a song live?" Taeyeon said with a smile. Yes, then you can write a song and read it, theone, and prepare it for her. Lee Soo-man wanted to see what kind of songs Taeyeon could write, and theone also wanted to see what level his disciple's creative ability had reached, so he took Taeyeon to the place where he wrote songs, and others followed him. As before, taeyeon by virtue of memory, in everyone's eyes to write a previous life to move the sone "if", Lee soo-man took a look at the score, is really a good song, now he admires taeyeon,Planetary Gear Motor, can't think of taeyeon in such a short time to write such a good song, and according to taeyeon's singing skills, this song is really suitable for her to sing. The others were surprised to see the score and had the same idea as Li Xiuman. Ok, my song has been written. Let's go back to practice. There is a demo version. Can the dance of the new song be rehearsed? Taeyeon looked at Shim Jae-won. Of course, I'm glad you have this idea. As a newcomer, you should work so hard. Then I'll call the other teachers together and start rehearsing your title song. Shen Zaiyuan finished and picked up his cell phone and went out. I'm leaving, too, theone. Park Sun-joo,Brushless Gear Motor, help them a lot. Li Xiuman handed the music score to theone, looked at his watch and went out. He looked really busy. Then everyone went back to the practice room. Shim Jae-won came with another teacher. When everyone was ready, they began to rehearse. Listening to the demo version and watching the dance demonstrated by the teachers, Taeyeon found that the song and dance were the same as in previous lives. Don't laugh at me for being childish. Hearing this, Taeyeon made the same dance movements as the teachers, and sang them. She liked this movement in her previous life, so she couldn't help jumping up when she heard it. But everyone looked at Taeyeon in surprise. Everyone had never heard the song or seen the dance. How could Taeyeon sing it so casually, and the dance movements were the same as the teachers. Taeyeon found everyone's surprised eyes and knew that she had just done something against common sense. However, in order not to let everyone suspect, Taeyeon calmly stepped aside. Eight people didn't care much. Maybe Taeyeon accidentally saw the choreography of the teachers. After the teachers danced well, Shen Zaiyuan and other teachers began to teach you this dance, because everyone was in high spirits, so they learned quickly and efficiently. Here should be like this, here still has to be like this, you see me do it again. Teachers are not tired of teaching dance, Micro Gear Motor ,24v Gear Motor, 9 people are very serious in learning, according to this situation, I believe this song will soon be the perfect interpretation of girlhood. Back to the dormitory in the evening, we are tired, not so tired for a long time, may be the reason for the new dance, but we are very happy, their group's album will soon be released, one step closer to success. The next day, Girls' Generation got up early in the morning to practice, but because later to record popular ballads, so we did not waste energy, Cui Dayong knew that the children were very hard, not only to run the journey, but also back to the practice room to practice, but this is no way, every new person in Korea is like this, as the saying goes, how can we see the rainbow without experiencing wind and rain? This is also a test of girlhood.
To the SBS television station, girls' generation to see everyone is very polite to say hello, whether senior or staff, all reflect the good quality, we also have a good impression of this new group. Still perform debut song, may be today just practiced dance, we are a little tired, rehearsal time a little out of the state, but we realized that here is the SBS TV station, if the performance is not good, it will leave a bad impression on SBS, so we all perform attentively, rehearsal is still smooth, as long as the formal performance time is not wrong. After the rehearsal, everyone went into the waiting room to rest, as before, sharing the waiting room with others. Ernie, you almost made a mistake in the first jump. As soon as Seo Hyun came in, he said to Taeyeon that he wanted to remind Taeyeon to pay attention, otherwise it would be bad to make mistakes in the performance later. I know, but Xu Xian, you have always been very stable. Maybe I danced too hard when I practiced before, and now I'm a little exhausted. Taeyeon took a sip of water and began to rest. Then you should have a rest quickly. It seems that Ernie has been tired recently. When Xu Xian saw that every sister was resting with her eyes closed, he couldn't help sighing. Yeah, that's why you can have a rest and have enough energy to have a better performance. Taeyeon said with her eyes closed. I'd better read for a while. For me, reading is a rest. Xu Xian took out a book and sat on a chair to read it. After a period of rest, the popular ballad began. The TV set in the waiting room was turned on, and the performance on the stage outside was playing inside. The position of the performance of Girls' Generation was a little behind. It seemed that it was because of the high popularity, and everyone was happy about it. When it was time for her performance,Small Geared Motors, Taeyeon heard the support of sone from the audience. Her fatigue was gone, and it was easy to perform. It seemed that with the support of sone, she was more powerful. She had to perform harder and couldn't let sone down. So Taeyeon performed seriously with a smiling face. ichgearmotor.com

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