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There was no light in the room, it was dark, and her whole body seemed to melt into the endless darkness. Tang Ruoyao simply packed up a few clothes and returned to her alma mater, the Capital Academy of Drama. Graduation defense is imminent, she finished shooting the cover of the magazine, other announcements are either postponed or postponed, all in defense first, which is related to her four-year learning results. Tang Ruoyao walks in the campus, T-shirt jeans canvas shoes, wearing a black baseball cap, a very common dress among college girls, but she has long legs and slender waist, fair complexion, wearing on the body will be outstanding temperament, elegant dust, frequently attracted attention. It has been said before that not all graduates of professional performing schools can enter the performing arts circle smoothly, and few of them can make a name for themselves during their study. Hello Soon a girl came over and said hello nervously. Tang Ruoyao raised the brim of his hat a little, looked at it calmly with amber eyes, nodded slightly, and said coldly and gently, "Hello." "Learn, learn, learn, sister, can I sign it for me?"? I'm a fan of yours. The girl quickly took out a pen and paper from her backpack,stainless steel tile edging, her eyes shining, and looked at her adoring. Tang Ruoyao took it, lowered his head and said lightly, "What's your name?" It is dangerous for stars to sign their names on blank paper. The girl gave her name. Tang Ruoyao asked which two words it was, wrote "to XX", and then added his artistic signature below and returned it. Thank you The girl hugged the book and kissed her excitedly. She looked at her again and bit her lip. "Sister, can I hug you?" Tang Ruoyao looked at her coldly and said nothing. In the hot summer, the heat is blowing, but the temperature around the girl suddenly drops a few degrees. She touched the back of her cool neck, stepped back,china tile trim, and whispered cautiously, "Goodbye, senior sister." Tang Ruoyao still has no expression: "Well, goodbye." The schoolgirl retreats to go out far, just had the courage to shout: "Learn elder sister to refuel!" Tang Ruoyao did not stop, nor did he look back. It is said that Tang Ruoyao is aloof and doesn't like to be close to others. The girl pursed her lips and didn't take it to heart. She was ecstatic about the signature and showed off her signature to Tang Ruoyao with her roommates in the micro-letter group! After being stopped several times on the way, Tang Ruoyao returned to the dormitory smoothly. Approaching the defense, most of the students returned to school, whether they were filming outside or doing other things. When Tang Ruoyao came in, her three roommates were there and simply greeted each other. Tang Ruoyao put her bag on the chair, climbed up the stairs and made the bed. She would stay for a while when she came back. Roommate chatting below, Tang Ruoyao from busy, white forehead ooze thin sweat, suddenly heard Qin Yinong three words. Her movements stagnated. Xiaowen. Tang Ruoyao poked his head out from above and interrupted his roommate's hot conversation. The roommate who called Xiaowen raised his head: "What's wrong?" "Did you just mention." Tang Ruoyao paused, took a gentle breath, and then said the name, "Qin Yinong?" "Wow, metal trim manufacturers ,aluminum tile edge trim, don't you know?"? It's all going crazy in the group. With one palm propped up on the table, Xiaowen looked up and said longingly, "I heard that at this year's graduation ceremony, the president specially invited Qin Yinong to come and give a speech, and she will personally issue a degree certificate to this year's outstanding graduate representatives." Not surprisingly, Tang Ruoyao is the outstanding graduate representative. Roommate also said anything, Tang Ruoyao has been completely deaf ears, her heart suddenly tight, beating badly, a burst of impact so that her brain gradually blank.
Is she going to share the stage with Qin Yinong? The author has something to say: Enter V tomorrow, the update time should be noon, welcome to subscribe ~ Small theater: Principal of the Capital Academy of Drama: Why didn't you come when I invited you before? Qin Yinong: Was there my wife at the graduation ceremony before? Headmaster: If you have the ability, you can say this in front of Tang Ruoyao! Qin Yinong: I have no ability [humble.jpg] Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution. Thanks to the little angel who threw the [grenade]: 1 flower with tears; Thanks to the little angel who threw the [mine]: Junxun's Junxun 2; Luoxi, hola, Ushisui, Mixiu, General Pi, sayi-shao, Miyaki, Shaohua today, the elephant who eats carrots, passers-by just for passing by, Boo Boo t 1; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: 50 bottles of zzz; 30 bottles of qingx, Youjiang Wuyu; 29 bottles of ddll; all the nicknames of God horse are floating clouds, and I am the future star; 20 bottles of qingqing; 19 bottles of transit, and today I also like shiina zhenbai, xiwangbuyanan, and chunbao; 10 bottles of hongsushou; 7 bottles of Yantai. , luoshi, begging skeleton, Jiong darling, Wasteland snow 5 bottles; Flying fish 4 bottles; Fish eating cat 3 bottles; Too heavy, sayI-little, scavenger 2 bottles; Xia Jin,-Zhao Sansui, married woman. , qiquam, J, Lonely Wanderer, Little Seal's Old Youtiao, Self-mockery, HIMARO, Lingpaojun 1 bottle; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 19 019 Xiaowen smiled: "Although the candidate has not been decided, but basically you, you are the most shining star of this session!"! Is it an honor? Close contact with Qin Huang, that is a god-like figure. Roommate in the side joked: "What ah, for us is God, for Tang Tang is not necessarily, in case we can work together in the future." Yes, yes, yes. Xiaowen echoed with a smile, "After all, our Tang Tang is also a movie queen. As soon as she came in, our 405 dormitory was brilliant, blingbling." Speaking of this,tile profile factory, Xiaowen went to Tang Ruoyao's bed and opened his hands to make a radiant line, which is a metaphor for brilliant. Tang Ruoyao has a blank expression on it. Xiaowen and his roommates looked at each other. Tang Tang? There was a summons in my ear. As if waking up from a dream, Tang Ruoyao reacted slowly: "What's wrong?" Xiaowen: "What are you in a daze?" 。 jecatrims.com

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